26-28 October 2021 | Lille Grand Palais Exhibition Centre, Lille, France 

The French Rail Market

The French Rail Market

The French Rail Market

France’s railway supply industry ranks second in Europe and is the world’s third largest, with an annual turnover of around €4 billion. Up to one third of its output is for export. The sector directly employs more than 30,000 people and supports close to 84,000 jobs on the national territory. The government is currently evaluating a comprehensive strategy to overhaul the rail transport system around three main objectives: refocusing rail transport on its area of relevance, creating the conditions for a return to economic equilibrium, and preparing for the opening to competition.

SIFER 2019

SIFER, the showcase of a major market

France is one of Europe’s major rail markets. Investment continues in national and urban networks, creating great opportunities for companies providing innovative solutions to performance, economic and safety needs. For companies serving this market, SIFER provides a unique showcase for their capabilities. Well established for 20 years as the essential industry meeting place, it is France’s only regular exhibition devoted entirely to railway technology, attracting senior managers and engineers with real purchasing and decision-making authority.

Join France's premier rail event! 

Unique of its kind in France,  and dedicated to the international rail industry, it is the showcase event for France’s dynamic railway supply industry, and your gateway to one of Europe’s major markets.

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SIFER 2021
Lille – hub of France’s rail supply industry

Lille – hub of France’s rail supply industry

Lille Grand Palais Exhibition Centre is the dedicated venue for all recent SIFER events. Located at the heart of the Hauts de France region, it is the leading centre for the rail supply industry in France. Companies based there, from large manufacturers and equipment suppliers to over 200 SMEs/SMIs, account for 40% of the national railway manufacturing activity. The region is also home to research organisations developing the cutting-edge technologies that will help shape tomorrow’s railways.

Hauts-de-France, No1 Region for Rail

  • 3 world class manufacturers
  • 14,000 employees (35% of the French workforce)
  • 200 specialist equipment manufacturers and subcontractors
  • 1,450 km of track open to commercial traffic and 176 km of high-speed track
  • 40% of national production output
  • € 1 billion turnover of the regional rail sector 

France's Rail Network

  • France ranked 3rd globally after China and Germany 
  • € 4 billion turnover generated by the rail industry 
  • 30,000 employees in France 
  • Infrastructure: 8,000 jobs; rolling stock: 14,000 jobs; equipment manufacturers: 4,000 jobs; signalling: 3,000 jobs
  • 30% share of export market (between € 1 and € 1.5 billion)
  • +32,000 km of track open to commercial traffic including 2,500 km of high-speed track, and 3,000 stations