26-28 October 2021 | Lille Grand Palais Exhibition Centre, Lille, France 

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EuroRail Hub

Your gateway to Europe’s major rail markets

Rail connects people, regions and businesses across Europe and all around the globe. However, in order to modernise the railway sector, areas such as environmental  sustainability, passengers & network safety as well as high speed rail infrastructures need to rise up to 21st century standards so that a coherent, functional and collaborative network can emerge all across Europe.

EuroRail Hub is Mack-Brooks’s network of European rail exhibitions. Our vision is to contribute to 21st-century principles within the railway industry and get involved in various national markets through industry-leading events. Our different rail shows are joining forces to help our exhibitors, partners and visitors connect with each other to increase business opportunities and facilitate the development of the railway industry.

Our mission is to provide a complete solution to build solid business relationships through effective entry points into the Italian, French and UK rail markets. Especially in these times of restricted travel and social distancing, national-focused events are becoming more attractive in order to bring together industry leaders shaping the future of the European rail market.


Mack-Brooks Rail Exhibitions